Subaru OEM Coolant System Conditioner | SOA635071

Subaru OEM Coolant System Conditioner | SOA635071

Coolant Additive by OEM Subaru
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The SUBARU cooling system conditioner is a product intended to be added to the engine coolant when it is changed.

Certain model SUBARU vehicles were listed in SUBARU bulletin WWP-99 were supposed to have the conditioner added.  Namely these included the following SUBARU vehicles (within a certain VIN range):

Model     From To
Legacy 2000MY Sedan Y*200001 Y*218478
  2.5L Wagon Y*300001 Y*313778
    Outback Wagon Y*600001 Y*674127
  2001MY Sedan 1*200001 1*216426
    Wagon 1*300001 1*311949
    Outback Wagon 1*600001 1*679753
  2002MY Sedan 2*200001 2*202129
    Wagon 2*300001 2*301972
    Outback Wagon 2*600001 2*605593
Impreza 1999MY Coupe X*400001 X*403359
2.5L 2000MY Coupe Y*400001 Y*403888
    Sedan Y*500001 Y*505796
  2001MY Coupe 1*400001 1*402563
    Sedan 1*500001 1*503187
  2002MY Sedan 2*500001 2*513107
    Wagon 2*800001 2*812658
Forester 1999MY Forester X*700001 X*750961
2.6L 2000MY Forester Y*700001 Y*731553
  2001MY Forester 1*700001 1*789251
  2002MY Forester 2*700001 2*726482

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