Man Soap Hand Sanitizing Spray 60ML

Man Soap Hand Sanitizing Spray 60ML

Hand Sanitizer by Mansoap

ManSoap’s Hand Sanitizing Spray follows the recommended regulations of the World Health Organization (WHO)

Recommended use:

This product is a liquid. Rub thoroughly into hands for at least 30 seconds. Allow drying. For occasional and personal domestic use.

For personal hand hygiene to help prevent the spread of bacteria. Kills harmful bacteria/germs.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is recommended for use where hand-washing with soap and water may not be available and as an additional antiseptic measure for health and safety.

  • 60 mL spray

Medicinal ingredients: ethyl alcohol (80%)
Non-medicinal ingredients: glycerol, hydrogen peroxide, distilled water
No perfume or fragrance added.

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