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Spark Plug Wires by Magnecor
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Magnecor's KV85 Competition (8.5mm)Ignition Cables feature Magnecor's exclusive 2.5mm high capacity Metallic Inductance EMI Suppressed conductor consisting of stainless steel wire precisely wound at 200 turns per inch over a ferrimagnetic core. The insulating jacket is made entirely of Magnecor's exclusive TC-1500-HS high strength aerospace grade silicone rubber, and its single layer construction will prolong the jacket's insulating ability by conducting extreme heat away from hot-spots that occur near over-the-limit heat sources.

The KV85 8.5mm jacket has a service heat resistance of 600 degrees F (320 degrees C) and up to 1,000 degrees F (540 degrees C) for short burst 3 minutes. Even if limits are exceeded, the silicone rubber will retain its insulating ability until wires are removed from the engine.


2000-1999 Elise 111S Series 1
2001-1995 MGF VVC (4 wire set, distributor-less ignition)

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