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Forge Motorsports Forge Motorsports BOV/DV Spring Tuning Kit

BOV Springs by Forge Motorsports

Now you can fine-tune your Blow Off/Diverter Valve to the exact needs of your engine with this complete tuning kit. Your valve tuning kit you will find four springs. We normally supply our valves, unless requested differently, with a spring that will match the tension of the manufacturer’s original fitment valve. However, as many owners undertake tuning modifications some may wish to re-tune the valve characteristics to suit a given application.

Valve Spring color coding: 

  • Green - 5-15 PSI
  • Yellow - 15-23 PSI
  • Blue - 23-30 PSI 
  • Red - 30 + PSI

*The above figures are estimates only and should only be considered as a guideline*

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