APR TCU Software  | DL501 7-Speed S-Tronic 4.0T Vehicles

APR TCU Software | DL501 7-Speed S-Tronic 4.0T Vehicles

Software Tune by APR

APR’s TCU upgrade goes beyond the overly simplistic norm of raising a few limiters, and offers a wide gamut of changes designed to enhance the driving experience especially when combined with APR’s performance engine software and hardware. With an in-depth knowledge of the transmission’s inner workings and control strategies, APR’s engineers have improved many aspects of the transmission from accelerative performance to daily drivability, while also incorporating new features including several typically reserved for higher-end Audi Quattro GmbH RS models.

Feature List

  • Faster acceleration through application-specific optimized shift points.
  • Drive and Sport mode shift maps custom tailored to APR’s power upgrades.
  • User-adjustable 3-step multi-launch control RPM limits.
  • User-definable* max launch control RPM.
  • User-definable* manual mode downshifts via the kick-down switch (on/off).
  • User-definable* manual mode upshifts at max engine speed (on/off).
  • Launch control response enhanced for quicker launches.
  • Launch control limits raised from 200 to 3,000 launches.
  • Manual mode / TT mode paddle response time optimized.
  • Manual mode / TT mode shift time optimized.
  • Torque intervention limits raised while retaining critical protection routines.
  • Temperature management optimized.
  • Transmission coolant pump optimized during high temp scenarios.
  • Gear display enabled in Drive and Sport.
  • Downshift "lockout" disabled below previous gear's max RPM.

*APR’s DirectPort Programming Suite allows the end-user to tailor the TCU upgrade to their needs at the time of installation.

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