1974 - 1997 Ford 2.3L MLS Head Gasket - Trackwerks

Cometic 1974-1997 Ford 2.3L .045 MLS Head Gasket

Head Gasket by Cometic
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Bore Diameter: 3.83 Inch
Compression Thickness: 0.045 Inch

  • Provide Maximum Sealing Performance For Today’s High Output Engines And Require No Sealants
  • Ideal For Aluminum Heads To Aluminum Blocks And Aluminum Heads To Cast Iron Blocks Withstanding The Shearing Force Created By The Two Materials
  • No Need To Re-Torque, The Embossing Design Of The MLS Gasket Promotes An Even Clamp Load Across The Sealing Surface Allowing For Measurable Reduced Bore Distortion
  • Cometic MLS Gaskets Are Comprised Of Multiple Layers Of Stainless Steel Due To It’s Increased Strength, Ability To Rebound And Resistance To Corrosion
  • The Outer Layers Of The Gaskets Are Embossed And Coated On Both Sides With Viton - A Fluoroelastomer Rubber Based Material That Is Heat Resistant To 2500 Centigrade/ 482 Fahrenheit
  • Viton Is Designed To Meet The Demands Of A Variety Of Harsh Sealing Environments, Load Conditions And Surface Finishes
  • The Center Or Shim Layer Is A Uncoated Stainless Steel Layer Which Can Be Varied To Accommodate Multiple Thickness Requirements

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