A Message To Our Customers

Over the last couple months we've failed many of our customers with a large lack of communication. We as a company had some internal issues directly related to health which resulted in a large amount of customers getting little to no updates on the progress of their orders. For over a decade our company has grown from our fair prices and quality customer service. Well, we know we failed at the customer service side of things over the last 90+ days and we'd like to apologize to everyone we've impacted.

The only way for us to move forward from this is to admit our mistakes and work extremely hard to fix these issues. We understand words are just words but we believe we can move forward from these mistakes but showing our customers that we are still trusted brand and that we are here to offer you some of the top products in the Automotive & Simulation industry.

Currently we have a large amount of orders that have been shipped and all orders will arrive on your doorsteps shortly. We are still a smaller team so please be patient as we get through all the emails and caught up. Your business is important to us and we hope those that have been impacted can give us a chance in the future to gain your trust and business back. 

We can't thank you enough for all of your support during these difficult times and are committed to change.

Thank you

Trackwerks Team