Thrustmaster TPR Pedals
Thrustmaster TPR Pedals
Thrustmaster TPR Pedals
Thrustmaster TPR Pedals
Thrustmaster TPR Pedals
Thrustmaster TPR Pedals

Thrustmaster Flight Rudder Pedal Set | TPR

Flight Simulation by Thrustmaster

Revolutionary pro flight sim rudders with PENDULAR technology (TM Technology PENDUL_R ™) for ultimate precision & smoothness

Revolutionary rudder mechanism

Thrustmaster PENDUL_R™ technology: unique suspended mechanism for smooth, fluid motion. In conjunction with the magnetic sensors, this mechanism ensures perfect precision, even for minor adjustments.
Two very precise differential brakes for perfectly-proportioned braking.
100% metal structure – weighs more than 15.4 lb / 7 kg.
32 industrial plain bearings.
Realistic dimensions: 20.9 x 14.2 x 14.2 inches / 53 x 36 x 36 cm (W x D x H).
Metal base plate for excellent stability, even when used without a cockpit.
Can be fixed onto Cockpit.

Ajustability & Versatility!

  • Springs’ positions can be adjusted, to fine-tune the resistance according to your preferences (two springs are included).
  • Pedals can be adjusted into five positions, at angles between 35° and 75°.
  • For use below desks or onto cockpits.
  • For Flight Sim gaming: combat and civilian. It is also developed for warbirds  closed combat &  Space Sim combat maneuvers.
  • For Fighter plane combat,  civilian plane,  airliner , helicopters,  warbirds  and spaceship.
  • For solo flight or for flying in formations.


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