APR TCU Software | DQ381 7-Speed DSG 2.0T
APR TCU Software | DQ381 7-Speed DSG 2.0T
APR TCU Software | DQ381 7-Speed DSG 2.0T
APR TCU Software | DQ381 7-Speed DSG 2.0T

APR TCU Software | DQ381 7-Speed DSG 2.0T

Software Tune by APR

TCU DQ381 7SPD S1 - DPP-DQ381

 APR Tuning’s TCU upgrade dramatically improves upon the DSG DQ250 & DQ381 transmissions’ function, drivability, and performance through a myriad of enhancement and custom features. Normal daily driving is smoother as APR has improved upon the normal quirks and complaints associated with the driving experience. Sporty driving is far more capable of increased torque capacity, clamping pressure, faster shifting times, more capable launch control, and more.

Each one of your vehicle’s driving modes is optimized for the higher power levels provided by APR’s accompanying ECU and engine upgrades. This upgrade allows the end-user to customize launch control and manual mode to their liking, and adds various features only found on higher-end vehicles!


  • Audi A3 – DSG DQ381
  • Audi S3 – DSG DQ381
  • Audi SQ2 – DSG DQ381
  • Audi TT – DSGDQ381
  • Audi TTS – DSG DQ381
  • VW Arteon - DSG DQ381
  • VW Jetta / GLI - DSG DQ381
  • VW Golf R - DSG DQ381
  • VW GTI - DSG  DQ381
  • VW Passat - DSG DQ381


Step 1:  Choose one of our comprehensive APR Tuning packages for your vehicle. All tuning packages including parts installation receive a 10% labor discount. Most tuning parts included our packages are in stock & ready for installation.

Step 2:   At the shopping cart page in the “special instructions” section, you may enter an initial day/time request for the installation/tuning appointment. Once the purchase is completed, along with your order invoice we will email you to schedule your tuning appointment. Based on availability, tuning & installation appointments can be booked for as soon as the following business day.

Step 3:   Bring in your vehicle to our tuning shop on the day of your appointment. 

Step 4:   Enjoy the upgraded performance!

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